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The recognition as well as exposure that is offered via Television, magazines or newspaper write ups, product features and editorials are at time considered sufficient for providing ample publicity to the small scale companies that can also transform into mid scale and large scale companies but press release plays an equally important role to keep the media and general audiences informed.

Almost all successful businesses in today’s time cannot ignore the role press and media plays. We understand that the businesses require adequate media attention. Thus the press release distribution services offered by us can get you the media and press coverage that is required for making the company successful and well known.   

Distributing press releases is one of the great ways for the online businesses to get adequate exposure and we are one of the best companies providing press release distribution services at affordable prices. The services that are provided by us are used by numerous businesses for availing the effective press release distribution services. With us, you can get the press release distributed to all the targeted media outlets and news agencies that can be directly helpful in getting the much required attention for your organization. Distribution of press release is one of the great options for getting the best possible attention and also promotion for the new products and services.         

We know that it is not only essential to write press releases in an effective manner but the distribution of press release plays an equally important role. A well published and good press release can provide the general audiences with the information as well so that the company’s image can be enhanced at the same time.     

The press release distribution services have the major role of getting the well written press releases distributed. We are providing effective press release distribution services that can send the press release in the least possible time to the journalists, interested researchers and also the media outlets.

We carry out the process of distribution of press releases by e-mails, wire services or fax. The press release services are not only made available for registered journalists but we also provide press releases for numerous non journalists’ users that can have an access to the press release.

The press release distribution services provided by us can serve to be starting point for the story ideas. We write and distribute your press releases using various mediums so that it can reach effectively to the highly qualified as well as targeted editors and also the feature journalists at the newspaper organizations. Not only newspapers, press releases are also distributed to the related magazines, producers and editors working at the television and radio companies.    

While planning the distribution, we have a target on the appropriate editors, journalists and reporters that have relation with the press release that is written. We specialize in providing highly effective and efficient press release distribution services.

We reach a wide range of distribution lists while focusing on the targeted people and companies that ids required to reach. Your press release can get   quick delivery and also in the right hands at an affordable price.

Press Release Submission Packages

Following are our PR Submission Packages, If you need PR written from us, Please contact us for the same.
50 PR Submission40 USD
100 PR Submission80 USD
25 Guaranteed PR50 USD


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